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Bow Safe is designed to assist your shooting activities be safer through the clear understanding of risk prevention.  Archery, as with just about any activity contains inherent risks, and for too long those risks have not been properly addressed.  In today's world of litigation it's more important than ever for you as an archery professional to be able to not only protect yourself, but your students, customers, and clients from these risks through proper education and understanding!  Here at Bow Safe, we encourage you to download, print and display the free documentation below. 

If you have any suggestions and/or comments about how we can make Bow Safe even more effective we'd love to hear from you!

The Bow Safe waiver of liability form has been carefully crafted to ensure proper understanding of any and all risks involved with shooting, and to mitigate your exposure should an accident ever happen. Attorneys could charge you substantial fees for a similar liability waiver, but Bow Safe believes every archer should be safe and knowledgeable.; so we're providing one for you and your operation for free.  Print off and have each shooter/purchaser/student sign one and keep it on file.

The Bow Safe Archer's notice is a visual reminder to any archery participants to use the proper safety equipment including:




By having the Archer's notice prominently displayed and/or used as a hand-out you're protecting yourself and your customer/client/student.

The Bow Safe Score Card & Checklist is a quick & easy hand-out that easily fits into a carrying case or a pocket.  It's designed to be an additional reminder to archers (once they leave your establishment) that the observance of proper safety protocols is ongoing.  Try laminating some and offer them as "case tags" so that no matter the situation or weather, there's always a reminder to be safe, every time they take their bow out for use!

Waiver Form

Archer's Notice


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